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Similitudes entre tu Smartphone y un amigo borracho.


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Courtney Stodden is on the market, fellas

Dannynadamas, amor de mi vida.

Electra Heart♡: El primer beso.


Tu mano toma la mía y la distancia entre nosotros desaparece lentamente.
Tus ojos recorren mi rostro y se detienen en mis labios, haciendo que una sonrisa se forme en ellos…
Mientras, la distancia sigue disminuyendo y esa extraña sensación en mi estómago aumenta.
Nuestras narices se rozan,…


It’s Been Scientifically Proven: Sloths Love Boobs

A lot of time and money went into this research, but it was well worth it. The full report goes even deeper.


8 Dark Theories About Children’s Movies and TV Shows
The Rugrats are just a figment of Angelica’s tortured imagination.
Goddamn, these people must think every Nickelodeon writers room was run by Franz Kafka. Apparently because Angelica has no real, meaningful connection with family or loved ones, she constructs younger, (literally) infantile playmates to belittle as an outlet for her rage. Thus, the babies are all actually dead or made up: Tommy died soon after childbirth, Chuckie died in the car crash which killed his mom, and Phil and Lil are Angelica’s bizarre imaginary reaction to the news of the their mother having a stillborn baby. Oof. Look. There are works of art that really do wrestle with this type of disturbing existential unrest, and then there are cartoons whose main character is a baby in a diaper named Tommy Pickles. And come on, is it not enough for you that there was an ACTUAL episode of this show which ended with Chuckie and his father literally UNZIPPING THEIR SKIN, REVEALING THEMSELVES TO BE ALIENS, THEN TAKING OFF IN A SPACESHIP AND FLYING BACK TO THEIR HOME PLANET?? A MOMENT THAT WAS NEVER ADDRESSED AGAIN?! Get your priorities straight, numbskulls. The Rugrats universe has bigger fish to fry. Keep Reading